10 week squat program

Have you ever wanted to get stronger and increase your squat numbers? Invest six weeks and add significant weight to your squat by trying the Smolov Squat Cycle. In this article I will explain exactly what it is, how it works and the results, thoughts and issues that arose from putting myself through this infamous strength cycle.

When I injured my elbow while doing some gymnastics to be honest, the injury was from my Judo days I wanted to find an alternative way to keep on training.

After a conversation with some of the coaches at my local Box Spree CrossFit in Berlin I decided I would focus on improving my squat, something I have never really done. At the time I squatted kg for five, so I assumed my 1Rep Max would be a bit over kg. I am not quite sure when and where I had first heard about the Smolov Squat Cycle, but it was stuck in my head. I started to search for more details on the internet. The whole cycle consists of 13 weeks of squatting, sometimes with additional work as well.

It is broken down into several smaller cycles or phases. Below you can find the exact structure of the program and what you need to do in order to complete it.

Smolov: How to Add Up to 100lb to Your Squat In 13 Weeks

Below that I have added all my notes, thoughts and feelings on the experience. My lifetime goal is Me and adamklink both want to get to it before the other does, he hit this morning and I'm just over here working on my sets… His best ever ismy best is Also, Follow our training program thebensmithblueprint!

Finally 3kg over my double bodyweight in back squat…. You can find several versions of this cycle containing hand-stand push-ups and other upper-body exercises, but since my elbow was injured I focused only on squatting. To compensate for the lack of training for these muscle-groups I tried to follow the advice by Ed Coan if you do not know him, google him! You will learn a lot about strength and lifting! I definitely have not noticed a loss in muscle-mass in the shoulders due to this isometric hold.

There are several excel spreadsheets online that can help you determine the correct amount of weight for every set. So the Introductory Phase really helps you to build up confidence in shifting around this amount of weight. Thus said, the amount of weight and the sheer volume of squatting four times per week did not allow me to do any other kind of weight training.

I still went to do Judo, because my body is used to training weights and Judo on the same day weights in the morning, Judo in the evening. If you are well-conditioned you may also get away with doing one or two crossfit sessions per week but I definitely cannot recommend it.

And sometimes a break is all you need to improve. Being someone who does not like to rely on gear I started the whole cycle without any additional equipment.

Due to the high-volume with heavy-weights I started to put on a belt in the third week overall and additional knee-sleeves 3mm in the fourth to help me feel more confident with the crushing weights. Especially the first session every week with nine reps for four sets often left me out of breath.

Do not underestimate how much of a strain this much weight for your cardio-vascular system is, but also do not underestimate how much weight you can move during these sets. At the end of the fifth week my IT-band outer part of the quad started to hurt very much.

So if you try this cycle, make sure that your recovery is on point.As a rule of thumb, a bigger guy weighing lb will increase his Squat more than a smaller guy weighing lb like me. Expect also to lose fat while gaining muscle with Smolov. Most guys doing this program end up eating tons of foods, not always the cleanest ones, yet their ab muscles start showing more. The Russian Smolov Squat routine is split into 3 phases for a total of 13 weeks. The 4 Smolov cycles….

One, it would mess with your Squats. Two, Squats work similar muscles as Deadliftsso it will almost always increase anyway. Just do some Bench PressPull-upsband pull-aparts and lots of stretching — done. Download the Smolov excel file, enter your best Squat you lifted during the past month, and the spreadsheet will tell you exactly how much you should Squat each workout during the next 13 weeks of Smolov.

Signup to my daily email tips to get instant access to the spreadsheet. Just click here. He first thought only guys on steroids could manage so much heavy Squatting week after week.

Yet he gave Smolov a try and to his surprise, it does work for drug-free lifters. Since then, David has completed multiple Smolov cycles to skyrocket his Squat. This means a 35lb gain in only 21 days. Will weighs lb and has since then Squatted lb. His Deadlift also increased from lb to lb even though he only Squatted.

StrongLifts Member Sam M. Looking back I should have done Smolov for Squatsdoing it for Front Squats is quite frankly pure torture. During the intensity cycle week 9 to 13you must take 2 days after the 2nd workout of each week because it is the most challenging one.

10 Rep Squat PR (Full Workout On 6 Week Program)

Few more tips…. The first week of the Smolov base cycle is the hardest. Expect your legs and lower back to be sore. Signup to my daily email tips to get the Smolov spreadsheet. JoinStrongLifters today, and receive several welcome gifts. Enter your email below and tap the button. Workout Planner Training Exercises Nutrition. Signup to my daily email tips to get the spreadsheet.

I won't share your email, and you can easily unsubscribe anytime.I feel guilty. Although I'm a powerlifter and have written several articles about the bench press and the deadlift, I haven't written a damn thing about the king of lifts, the squat. It really is a shame, as every powerlifter knows that the squat not only starts the competition off and sets the tone for the day, it separates the men from the boys.

So let me make amends in a big way. Here's a program designed specifically to bring your squat up to bar-bending levels. The routine is reasonably simple.

You'll squat two days a week — one day is heavier similar to a max effort day and the other day is lighter like a dynamic effort day. Each day you'll perform exercises per workout.

Perform 3 total sets of drop sets. All sets are performed for just one rep, and each drop set is a triple drop set meaning 4 total reps are completed per drop set. The drop set will be performed every other week on weeks 1, 3, 5, and 7. Every week you perform drop set squats add pounds to each set. My form preference is to squat down under control, don't fall onto the boxsit on the box, lean back slightly, lean forward slightly, and blast up.

This seems to give the best transfer to the real squat. Every time you perform box squats you'll work up to a 1RM. The first time will be to a low box " seems to work for almost everyone ; the second time it will be to a high box " seems to work well.

Classic front squats, hold the bar as you see fit. As an aside, I've been using the front squat harness a lot lately. The front squat is performed after the drop set squat.

The first two times you perform it weeks 1 and 3 you'll do 3 sets of 8, the next two times weeks 5 and 7 you'll do it for 3 sets of 5. They're not straight sets — complete one very heavy set, one quite heavy, and one medium.

You can do descending sets useful if you're already comfortable with fronts and are getting tired or ascending sets useful if fronts are new to you and you need to get better at them. Ten to thirty pound jumps in between sets usually works well.

Increase the weight each week you perform this exercise. This is a back squat with a nice slow descent followed by a distinct pause at the bottom, then coming up at normal speed not explosive, just normal. For the descent I usually use a five-count, which isn't necessarily five full seconds but enough to count to five slowly in my head as I descend.

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These are paired with the box squat. The first two times you do them weeks 2 and 4 do 3 sets of 5, the next two times weeks 6 and 8 do 3 sets of 3.

Go up in weight each week you perform this exercise. This is the classic squat. Practice and perfect your setup, walkout, and general squatting technique during this session. It's also fine to be explosive with these sets — I often tell people to visualize another 50 pounds on the bar. Squats will be performed on weeks 1, 2, 5, 6, 9, and Generally you'll be completing sets of two exercises followed by a medium-weight single.

Set up a low box and perform box squats, using bands to help build strength and explosiveness. The form is the same as the regular box squat.

10 week squat program

Shoot for sets of 2 reps, followed by a medium-weight single. Box squats with bands will be performed on weeks 3, 4, 7, and 8. If for some reason you'd rather just perform regular squats with bands, fine. The bands don't need to be super tight — use the following guideline when selecting the bands:.Every gym has beach body warriors — guys that bench three days a week and only step inside the squat rack to do barbell curls.

Their bodies look like oranges perched on top of toothpicks and their athletic performance is typically laughable. On the other side, most decent gyms also have "that guy. However, you always know when it's leg day, as pound plates start vanishing from weight stands and reappearing on his bar —,the more he squats, the more his sweeping quads and thick hamstrings blow up like birthday balloons. There's a lesson here — squatting hard and heavy is the best way to build freaky legs.

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And to help you along, here's a week squat program that will add slabs of meat onto even the most anemic set of chicken legs, provided you have the guts and fortitude to do the heavy lifting. Nothing compares to the squat. It builds size, increases strength, and helps athletes from all backgrounds run faster, jump higher, and hit harder. This program alternates weeks of squatting heavy weights explosively with weeks of higher volume:.

The heavy weeks are performed on the odd-numbered training weeks, and involve working up to three main work sets of 5, 4, or 3 reps, depending on the week.

Incorporating Strength Cycles into Crossfit Training – The Smolov Squat Cycle

The percentages will be "waved" from lighter to heavier twice over the week period, with the second wave being heavier than the first. The rep ranges decrease as the weight lifted increases, which helps increase strength over the 12 weeks. The focus here is on the amount of weight moved and rep speed, and the goal on all work sets is to move the weight as explosively as possible.

Rest periods should typically be minutes for the main work sets. However, the key is to be sufficiently recovered before starting the next work set, so take longer breaks between sets if necessary. The high volume weeks are performed on the even-numbered training weeks, each consisting of ten work sets after warm-ups. The rest periods are much shorter, around seconds. The weights used will also be much lighter. However, don't mistake lighter as meaning less effort, as many find the opposite to be the case.

The high number of sets combined with short rest periods has sent more than one athlete searching for the ralphing pail. Like the heavy weeks, a wave-style of programming is used to facilitate strength gains while minimizing the risk of overtraining.

All my programs are designed to test your strength mentally as well as physically. Although the emphasis on your leg day will be on squatting, the assistance work is the furthest thing from a walk in the park.

During heavy weeks, leg presses, walking lunges, lying leg curls, and barbell stiff legged deadlifts will round out the leg day. The leg presses will be performed in a pyramid style, with the weight increasing while the rep range decreases.

The goal is to go as heavy as possible, and each heavy week you should try to hit a PR in the amount of weight lifted.

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For lunges, I recommend adding resistance by placing weight on the shoulders instead of holding dumbbells. I've seen athletes suffer groin injuries doing heavy dumbbells lunges as the dumbbells allow for greater form breakdown. On the other hand, when the weight is on the shoulders, you're forced to use proper form to maintain balance. This technique also places the majority of the stress on the quads, which is what we're attempting to target.

You can hold a barbell across the shoulders in a squat position, drape chains around your neck, or my personal favorite use an old log made from a fallen telephone pole.

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Next we target the hamstrings directly with lying leg curls. You must be mindful of keeping your hips down on the bench to emphasize the hamstrings — you can even instruct a partner to put pressure on your lower back to keep your hips from rising. The final exercise on the heavy weeks will be barbell stiff legged deadlifts.

10 week squat program

These should be performed using pound plates or standing on a " platform to increase the range of motion. Keep a slight bend in the knees but don't allow your legs to move during the movement.

Focus on using the hamstrings to move the weight while trying to limit the involvement of the spinal erectors. For the high volume weeks, again we'll go straight to leg pressing after squatting, but this time the purpose is to force as much blood into the legs as possible.This workout plan will help you add significant weigh to your Squat. If you are someone who has struggled to add weight to your barbell Back Squat, this squat program for strength will allow you to add no less than 10 pounds to your squat max.

Ideally it will add 30 pounds in 6 weeks. By now you may have heard of the "Squat Every Day" trend.

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Actually, calling it a trend is debatable. However, this squat program is similar to what is called the Russian Squat Program. Let's take a look so you can get started today! If you try to un-rack or rack a heavy weight, you will have trouble with your sets.

You want to be as efficient with your setup as possible. Then, of course, the safety bar height. If you do not have the safety bars at an adequate height, failing with a heavy weight might injure you.

Barbell Collars: You know, the things that keep the weights on the bar? Use them! Too many people neglect to use those safety devices. Having the collars on the bar also allows you to focus on the lift. Workout Partner: Sometimes this isn't always an option. However, if you want to have a squat program for strength, you need to have someone spot you, especially in weeks five and six of this program.

Determination and Motivation: Yes, you will become fatigued, tired and tempted to skip a day. But you can't do that! If you want to add pounds to your Back Squat in six weeks, you must hit the days as followed. Let's look at the program. For the days provided below, pick one consistent day on which to perform each workout.Matt Kroczaleski is a world renowned powerlifting champion.

The former MuscleTech sponsored athlete has recorded some monster lifts including a lb bench press, an lb deadlift and a 1,lb squat. Not bad for a guy who weighed just lbs at his lightest. This constant switching between heavy and lighter weights will keep your strength from plateauing, as the different weights and rep ranges will continuously shock the system.

Rest 3 to 5 minutes between sets, or until fully recovered. Note : These are to be performed straight after the squats, to fill the legs with as much blood as possible, stretching the muscle fascia — literally forcing your legs to grow.

10 week squat program

Not many people are brave enough to do 15 sets of heavy squats in a single workout, followed by more pain-enduring exercises straight after. If you dare to follow this program, you might want to bring a sick bucket along with you.

Thus the intensity and volume can remain high without risking burning out the CNS. Probably the latter. Some people will call 15 reps a lot, but we can see Matt going up to 30 reps on the leg extension. This is a great way to mix up your training and keep your body guessing. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Author Recent Posts. Steve Shaw. Steve's recorded a lb squat, lb deadlift and a lb bench press. Bodybuilder Lee Haney Workout Plan. Leave Your Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.For all neophytes who have no clue how to train hard, I suggest you heed some practical lore from the past.

Back in the day when they had no sophisticated equipment, no Internet recommendations, and no super-duper nutritional supplements, those who sought to get stronger and grow muscle had to bust their butts with plain old hard work to achieve strength and size gains.

They had only the basic means of stimulating muscle tissue - known as barbells and dumbbells - and the smarts to allow for proper rest and recovery following their training.

They achieved results. And it still works today in this information-overload environment in which we reside. But the simplicity of hard work has either been blurred or completely lost from all the fancy stuff that pervades our current training culture. So, if it still works, why don't you try "old school" and give it a go? Working hard is still the way to go, no matter how you slice it. With credit given to Randall Strossen outlining John McCallum's rep squat routine in his book Super Squatslet me tell you about a simple but very difficult program for increasing lower body strength and facilitating weight gain.

The rep barbell squat routine. It works. It truly does. But it is brutally difficult. Train your lower body twice per week. One session is the rep squat routine and the other is something different like deadlifts, leg presses, or whatever blows your skirt up. For the rep assault, select a resistance that you would normally use for a tough set of 12 repetitions. With that resistance, perform 20 repetitions.

Yes, it's going to be challenging but find a way to squeeze out 8 more reps to get to the rep goal. You can do it if you focus on the task at hand. Hang in there. Catch your breath between reps. Concentrate on getting one rep at a time. Now that you have gutted it out to achieve the rep goal, rejoice in the moment, and then it's time to move forward.

It's now time to do more. Given proper recovery time, your body will have adapted to the previous rep overload stress and can now tolerate more. It is the biological phenomena called the principle of recovery-adaptation. You did it, your body adapted to it, now you are physically able to do even more.

For the next rep squat workout add at least five pounds to the bar 10 pounds maximum. Your goal again is repetitions. You're stronger as a result of the previous rep "death march," so you are capable of achieving repetitions with slightly more resistance. If you attack it with all-out effort you'll accomplish it.